Location:   Halifax Road, Nelson (Little Marsden)  OS ref: 103  SD 858 370 There are 9 war graves in this churchyard, 2 from the First World War & 7 from the Second  R. COWELL,   J.EASTWOOD,   J.SELLARS,   H.H.SMITH,   H.WILMORE     Photos taken 2004 3387338 Pte R. COWELL THE EAST LANCASHIRE RGT 28th AUGUST 1941  Age 26 1782815 Gunner J. EASTWOOD ROYAL ARTILLERY 19th OCTOBER 1943 J.SELLARS SENR. RES. ATTENDANT M/10095 RNASBR HMHS “ROHILLA” 30th OCTOBER 1914   Age 19 H.H. SMITH SUPPLY ASSISTANT RN D/ MX 65097 HMS “NEMO” 23rd MAY 1941   Age 26 ST PAUL’S, LITTLE MARSDEN Pte HAROLD ASHWORTH 3388910 5th BN EAST LANCASHIRE RGT 18th NOVEMBER 1942 Driver ALBERT BOLTON HICK T/113978 ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS 11th NOVEMBER 1940 Pte EDWARD HOGGARTH 7395074 ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS 6th JUNE 1945 Volunteer JAMES WILCOCK 28th County of Lancaster (Nelson) Bn HOME GUARD 7th MAY 1941   Age 44 Rennie Cowell Son of Henry and Ann Cowell, Of Brierfield husband of Elizabeth Adeline Cowell,   Died following an accident  Remembered on Wheatley Lane Memorial John Eastwood Age 23 Of Avondale Rd, Nelson  5 Lt. A.A./Searchlight Bty. James Sellars Son of John & Elizabeth  Halifax Rd Brierfield  Remembered on Brierfield memorial Harry Holmes Smith Son of Jonas &  Mary Halifax Rd, Nelson  Died from illness Also buried in this churchyard  H. ASHWORTH,   A.B. HICK,   E. HOGGARTH, J.WILCOCK,   V. FRANKLAND Aged 21 Died following an accident  Son of Wallace and Miriam Hick,  Camden St, Nelson Age 37 Leonard St, Nelson Son of John and Dorothy Wilcock  husband of Irene, Halifax Rd, Nelson Accidental shooting accident Vincent Frankland Son of Thomas & Esther Halifax Rd, Nelson   Grave unmarked Remembered on a family grave ALAN H. WILMORE RASC Who died as a result of Enemy action near Singapore February 13th 1942 Aged 26 years Alan Herbert Wilmore  S/54611 Rank	Warrant Officer Class II  Napier St, Nelson
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Sources used for information include: * cwg site * Newspapers on findmypast.co.uk