Pte COUNSELL H.S.    Pte HAIGHTON D.    Segt HEWITT N.    INGHAM F. S.     Sgt REED J.M.    SHAPLAND J.R.    Sapper STARKIE J.    SUNDERLAND H.      Pte WATSON O.    Pte WILDMAN E.S.    Pte WILKINSON H. Also of Pte HERBERT SLINGSBY COUNSELL their son aged 21y who was killed in action whilst serving with the Expeditionary Force February 22nd 1915 and was interred at Port Arthur France    son of John & Priscilla of Leeds Rd, Nelson  East Lancashire Rgt Also Pte JOHN DIXON HAIGHTON 2nd Dragoon Guards son of the above Who was killed in Action in France On Jan 27th 1916 Aged 18 years And was Interred at the British Cemetery Vermelles     Son of John and Lydia Haighton, of Oak House, Colne Also Sergt NORMAN HEWITT 1/5 E L Regt  Killed in action June 28th 1915 aged 28y    Son of John James & Sarah Elizabeth Wife of Christiana  Died Gallipoli Remembered on Helles Memorial JOHN MOORBY REED,  Sgt WO/AC  RAFVR Killed in Action  Aug 2nd 1941 Aged 22 years  Treasured son of Thomas Edgar And Dorothy Reed   Connected to William Reed Cotton Manufacturer & Mill owner Also John Richard their son Who fell in France Oct 26th 1917 Aged 21 years   JOHN RICHARD SHAPLAND  Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery     Son of John and Mary Alice  of Garden St., Nelson Also Spr JAMES STARKIE RNLI son of the above Died of wounds at Gallipoli Aged 23 years   Died 4th December 1915 Buried Redoubt Cemetery, Helles  Son of Thomas Edward & Susannah Hargreaves St, Nelson    See Gallipoli Diary Also HARRY SUNDERLAND their son Who fell in the Great War Oct 3rd 1918 aged 35     Loyal North Lancashire Rgt Vis-en-Artois Memorial    Son of William & Jane husband of Fanny of 2a, Arthur St, Nelson Erected to the dear and cherished memory of  Pte OSCAR WATSON died of wounds Nov 14th 1918 and was interred at  St Lever Cemetery Rouen France aged 29y  East Lancashire Rgt    Son of James and Sarah Jane  Chapel St. Nelson Also Pte EZRA S. WILDMAN son of the above  killed in Belgium Oct 11th 1917 Aged 23 years & was interred in  Artillery Wood Cemetery, Boesinghe  Ezra Samuel Wildman Coldstream Guards   Son of William & Eleanor Of Bracewell St, Nelson Also of HAROLD WILKINSON their son Aged 33 years who died of wounds on May 2nd 1917 and was interred at The Military Cemetery, Salonica   East Lancashire Rgt   Son of Albert & Ellen Husband of  Clara   Leeds Rd., Nelson
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