Pte STEPHENSON C. F.   Pte THOMPSON I. &  A.J   Pte WERRETT A.  Pte WOOD H.B.   Gnr FLETCHER J.T.   Gnr HAWORTH E.S. 20429  Pte C.F. STEPHENSON WELCH RGT 4th NOVEMBER 1915   age 26    Charles Frederick  Stephenson   husband of Ethel,   57 Carleton St, Nelson   died from typhoid 8191 Cpl ARTHUR WERRETT ARMY PAY CORPS (Nottingham) 30th October 1918   Son of Thomas & Clara of Bank House Rd, Nelson Also Herbert the beloved husband of Margaret E. Wood and son of James & Mary Wood of Greenfield House Colne Born Jan 25th 1882 Died April 27th 1921  He gave his life for his country   33470  Pte H.B.WOOD KINGS OWN ROYAL LANCASTER RGT 114892  Gunner J.T. FLETCHER 28th Coy RGA 18th April 1921   John Thomas Fletcher I believe this to be the grave of:- 180300 Gunner E.S. HAWORTH 189th Siege Bty  RGA 15th February 1919 I was unable to find this grave
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